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Monday, November 15, 2010

Emptying the thoughts...

Free your mind and the rest will follow...  -En Vogue

I drove home tonight with the radio off.  I do this often - more often than I'd like to admit honestly.  It's my way to unwind from work, from the conversations, from the noise.  It is when I have too many thoughts in my head, ping-ponging all over the place in there.  I can't concentrate on anything the radio says, just everything inside my head.  So, here it goes...I'm unloading, emptying it out...in no particular order...
  • To do when I get home...fold laundry, move load from washer to dryer, cook food - make lunch for tomorrow, feed the zoo (first and foremost), pee (second on the list), MyMoney, play with sewing machine, paint hallway, vaccuum...
  • Obviously there's not enough time to get all that done, so I have no choice other than to be okay with that, but deep down I'm not.  
  • I'm procrastinating on this computer.  See a few thoughts down - this new/(old) all mine computer :)
  •  I looked like a Target employee today - red shirt, khakis and dark shoes.  Didn't notice this until I walked by the restroom mirror at the end of the day - hahaha!
  • On a happy note, my pants are loose - they haven't been this loose for almost two years!!
  • My electronic-saavy Husband reconfigured my old dent and scratcher AND his laptop for under $500...this is where I'm typing from now.  It's great to have it back and it's all mine :)  
  • Mason the Cat is sleeping in Hunter's dog bed at night.  We aren't sure if Mason kicks Hunter out, which leads Hunter onto our bed; when we tell him to get down and in his bed, he's back up moments later, at which point we find Mason curled up in Hunter's bed.  Need I remind you all that we call him Mason the Dog at times.  Anywho, we bought a cheapo $5 cat bed at PetCo this weekend in the hopes that Mason will use that, but no such luck yet...Hunter just thinks it's a new toy for him.
  • Money feels like a corset at times - no more explanation needed.
  • Meeting Mr. Owen is postponed until this weekend sometime...
  • Sallie and the kiddos are in town this weekend - I need to see them while here and meet the littlest addition...
  • Olivia's bday party is on Saturday...
  • The cats just brought a mouse inside...the rest of the thoughts will have to wait!
UPDATE:  Laying in bed re-emptying my head...seeing what I got accomplished...trying to sleep soon...
  • What did I get done tonight?  I cut up a shite-ton of vegetables.  I browned up two pounds of turkey meat.  I added it all together with some taco seasoning in the crock pot.  I originally bought squash and zuchini for a remake of a pork tenderloin dish I made a few weeks ago, but realized in rummaging thru the freezer that we don't have any pork tenderloin (too expensive and wasn't on sale, so we didn't buy any).  Anyways, so this is what's in the crock pot and I'm hoping it makes a great dish to eat with tortillas and some cheese.  
    • 2lbs ground turkey
    • taco seasoning galore - you can never have too much of it!
    • Veggies:  2 yellow squash, 2 zucchinis, 1.5 tomatoes, green beans, can of corn and a can of beans
    • Some chicken broth stock to add liquid and possibly flavor
    • Cut up garlic
  • Mason was laying with me in bed and has now proceeded to curl up in Hunter's dog bed! (See above items)
  • Chase the Cat did bring a small mouse into the house, but I was able to put it outside hardly any effort.  This has become routine to a degree - especially when the weather is changing.
  • I was able to fold the dried clothes and place the washed ones in the dryer - love when that task is done.
  • I need to post about Chase the Cat (I didn't forget about you my love)
  • Need to post about Coleman Elem 5k run
  • Need to post about Marietta PA
  • Need to post about wedding and anniversary
  • Need to update on HD craziness and how I'm not sure if we'll do the window route from them again
  • Hunter is roaming the house somewhere, Mason is passed out in his bed, Chase is sitting on the bench and I'm sure Parker is trying to find some crumbs by Hunter's crate!

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