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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bunky's New Home

Some of you might remember this story from a few years ago; others might not have heard it yet.  In honor of Veteran’s Day and a community that came together, I have to share it again…

A dear friend of mine and one of my brother’s best friends, Bunky is an Army Ranger who left for boot camp right after high school in 2001.  He was the lead in his battalion and was the first to go into a location and scope out the scene; he is a Ranger, one of few elite and held the position with honor and pride.  He was less than a month shy of coming home after two tours overseas when a sniper shot him from behind.  The bullet came in the back of his neck and out his jaw, paralyzing him from the shoulders down.  Even being hurt, he didn’t want to leave his friends, his ‘brothers’.  He was transported to Germany for a short while before being transferred to Walter Reed Hospital.  I visited him at Walter Reed and was amazed at how positive he was, even in his condition at the time.  It was overwhelming…his fellow soldiers came to visit him that day – they had been there when he was shot and came from all over the states to show their support and love.  Bunky was released and Front Royal (our hometown) embraced him, raising money with a Bachelor Auction and Food Drives, helping to buy a much needed van and wheelchair.  His parents helped to take care of him, splitting their time between two houses. 

Homes For Our Troops heard about Bunky’s story and decided he needed a proper home.  Three of the largest builders in town decided to help, along with friends and citizens of Front Royal.  My brother and his friends first and foremost…  The town and local companies donated their time and money to build him a gorgeous home in the mountains of Browntown!  My dad’s company, Heartwood Solid Surfaces, donated the corian for the bathrooms, shower and tub surrounds.  The official key ceremony was last night, when Bunky first saw the inside finished product.  I had the priveledge to be there last night, missing the ceremony, but being able to see Bunky and his gorgeous house.  It gave you chills just walking in the front door – seeing the possibilities ahead for him and knowing that Front Royal helped to build this for him.  He absolutely deserves this home and all the memories that will be made here!  Happy Veteran’s Day!

Here are a few articles and videos to commemorate the event:

Bunky and I - 2001 - Last day before shipping off to the Army

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  1. WOW! I read and watched the links--such an inspiration. Bunky's strength, heroism, and most of all, amazing attitude is truly admirable. I hope he finds continued happiness in his new home.