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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

She Sees... He Sees...

She sees...unpainted walls without any color.
He sees...perfectly fine walls for the time being.

She sees...the perfect piece of furniture to hold towels and bed linens.
He sees...a bathroom that needs to be remodeled.

She sees...the temperature is dropping fast!
He sees...a chimney that needs to be cleaned before using.

She sees...a back screen door that is letting in a draft.
He sees...the need to switch out the screen for the glass insert.

She sees...the beautiful backyard view from the dining room windows.
He sees...drafty windows that need some insulating curtains.

I was running through this exercise in my head tonight on my way home realizing that in many situations we see different needs.  At first this struck me as alarming - how are we going to get through this journey when we don't see the same thing? - but then I came to the conclusion that it's okay that we don't see eye to eye on everything.  Opposites attract...the yin and the yang...I guess you'd say, I'm the dreamer forgetful one and he's the practical one.  He keeps me grounded and on my toes at the same time. :) 

We do see eye to eye on the important things...

She sees...our children growing up in this house.
He sees...this house growing old with us.

She sees...us enjoying a fabulous view on the front porch swing holding hands.
He sees...grandchildren laughing in the front yard.

She sees...a hound dog curled up beside us.
He sees...a hound dog laying on the front stoop.

She sees...a loving husband standing beside her who will never give up on her.
He sees...someone who will always love him unconditionally and stand beside him, regardless of the situation.

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  1. I love this! You are right, opposites do attract. Just look at me and Anthony :) As long as you see eye to eye on what matters most, nothing else should worry you!