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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blue Sponge Paint

Do you like dark blue?  Yeah?  Me too! 
Do you like light blue?   Not pastel baby blue, but sky blue...sure.
Do you like white?  Same here.
Do you like peachy/pink?  No?  Me neither!

What about all four together?

Yeah, that was our kitchen about four hours ago... AND NOW....

WOW!  I kind of can't believe it used to be bright blue and sponge painted.  It's definitely WHITE and now a blank slate to better help us decide what color to paint the kitchen moving forward.  So incredibly glad this is done - finally

I was going to work on getting my dag-gone sewing machine to work, but changing the kitchen felt more accomplishing since I don't know what's wrong with the sewing machine (I don't seem to have the best patience for it right now).  I might bring it with me to the Mom's tomorrow to see if she can help since it used to be hers...

And if I don't jump on tomorrow...HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO EVERYONE!!


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