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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I finally met the little guy yesterday!  Oh man, he is one handsome fella...  I have been secretly pining to meet the newly arrived Mr. Owen Charles or Baby A as I lovingly call him, with his tiny fingers and toes. 

I called Joy on the way home from a birthday party to see how their weekend was panning out.  She said the coast was clear and we could come out any time we wanted.  I was thrilled!  Told Jay when I got home, but unfortunately he wasn't feeling good (fighting something in his chest), so thought it best to not give a cold to the tiny person and stay home.  I was completely bummed out - one of our two days to see each other and we weren't going to spend it together! - but not meeting Owen would have crushed me more, so I said my goodbyes (maybe with a tear or two - I'm going to be screwed with kids) and hit the road. 

A quick stop at Home Depot for Kev's requested kitchen sprayer and a plant for Owen to grow with him, a pit stop to fuel up and now I'm on my way.  It was a gorgeous drive, said my hellos to Heidi as I passed by and marveled at the sun setting on my left with the moon high on my right.  I forgot how much I love that drive! 

Walking in the door, Skylar greeted me with a welcoming hello making me wish I had brought Hunter for her to play with.  I passed along the plant and scooped up Mr. Owen for our formal introductions on his 13th day in this world.  Meredyth and Ryan were there during an impromptu stop, so I was able to visit with them also for a while before they headed towards their original destination.  She just couldn't pass up an opportunity to see the little man.  I stuck around for almost three hours...held Owen for a good chunk of that with his radiating heat, Joy and Kevin fed me (thank you!), took some pictures of the adorable tiny person and Joy granted me a mini photo-shoot of Owen and I - hahaha!  I was also able to see their new kitchen (my Dad did the corian - looks great! and I love the painted cabinets), Owen's room (great job Kev on the built in and closet organizer), new paint throughout - love the soft grey color, new floors and updated door handles.  They went to town re-doing everything before Owen came - very smart! - and the finished product is gorgeous!  Enough about their house, which is intriguing to me and probably me alone, here are some pictures of the little guy in all his glory...

Thank you to Family A in the woods of Harpers Ferry.  I had a wonderful time hanging out, meeting your little guy and spreading some love your way!  I hope to see you soon, until then I will have to control my withdrawls :) 

Resting his head on his hands, fast asleep...

Love the tiny toes!
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