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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Accomplished Sunday

I did not sleep well last night, so Jay let me sleep in until 9am this morning (lets me catch some extra Zs now since I won't get to when kiddos come)...just Hunter and I snoozing away.  I was awoken with a kiss and a 'Good Morning Sunshine' (best way to wake up!)  We chatted and made the bed then folded the laundry and put it away.  The Husband headed towards the living room...

I have been meaning to pack away my summer shirts and pull out the winter ones, so decided I should do it now while up and moving.  I always find I put away clothes that I don't wear that often, but never want to cut anything so just pack it up, telling myself I'll deal with it next season - which I never do.  My friend Melissa has a good trick that I have begun to utilize - turn all your hangers backwards and when you wear something and hang it back up, turn the hanger around the right way - make sense?  At the end of the season, any hangers that are still backwards are clothes you never wore, so toss them instead of packing them up again!  Easy peasy and makes sense.  I was able to get rid of twelve shirts!!  Very motivating.  I hung up my winter shirts and yelled to the Husband about my accomplishment.  He was very glad - always stating I have too many clothes, mentioned I could probably get rid of other clothes in my closet.  The challenge was on :)  I asked him if he'd help me...sure, I know what you have and haven't worn (with a smile on his face).  I pulled out my casual wear t-shirts on hangers (33 of them) - kept maybe one third of them!  Next were my folded t-shirts (picture five piles of 10 shirts each on an upper shelft) - kept maybe half of them!  Lastly were my dresses - fancy dresses, bridesmaid dresses and college slutty dresses (maybe 15 total), I tossed half of them and kept only the ones I'll wear.  I reorganized my scarves/belts/purses trading places and incorporating a new hook Jay screwed up for me.  We cut through his clothes too - his hanging shirts were cut in half easy!  After it was all said and done, we opened up half his closet, which now houses winter jackets and my dresses. 

From our bedroom, we ventured into the guest room - duh, duh duhhh - this is a catch all for anything and everything!  The closet was stuffed to the gills...we pulled out about ten pillows, two comforters, a never opened blanket, decorations, more clothes (most were tossed) and winter jackets (now housed in our bedroom closet).  We re-arranged things - the dresser had four empty drawers, so we filled it with pillowcases and extra sheets; moved the games from the upper shelf to the floor of the closet (easier for kids); pillows galore up top now; moved a small dresser (used to house pillow cases) into closet and filled it with my crafting fabric and topped it with comforters.  The room opens up now with a piece of furniture in the closet now. 

Moving to the living room (first time I left the bedrooms all morning!), we vacuumed.  I LOVE a vacuumed house!!  Jay connected the computer to the tv to see how that looks.  We are probably going to kill DirectTV and watch tv from our computer (hulu.com here we come!)  It's $80 to get the internet and another $80 for DirectTV - RIP OFF!  We are now watching the Raiders/Steelers game from the computer - not too shabby!  It's all about who you are able to stream from...aka Napster for TV.

Talk about an accomplished Sunday!

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