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Friday, November 12, 2010

Boys and Girls Club 5k Run

I need goals, milestones, small accomplishments.  Make it to the mailbox.  Good job.  Okay, now make it to the telephone pole far ahead.  You can do this, just watch your breathing.  I'm good with goals.

I've been wanting to get back into running road races for some time now, not really wanting to go it alone, but unable to find someone to 'run' with - and by 'run' I mean, go thru the motions with me because I can't talk or keep another's pace while running, so it's not for the companionship just the motivation. :)  I ran a few races in my day around four years ago!  The two (out of three) I remember are:

1)  March 2006 - St. Patty's Day 8k with Julie and Mike, took approx 50 mins (not too shabby); I enjoyed this course since it would bend upon itself (essentially, the persons ahead of you would pull a you-ie and run against you, which gave me motivation to keep going - if they can do it, so can I).

2)  April 2007 - Fodderstack 10k with the bro (a smoker and a drinker, still beat me!), don't even remember my time, very long hard course that didn't bend upon itself at all! with hills too; one hill so bad, there was an ambulance at the top to help people.  I walked part of that race, but did finish the last mile running.

Fast forward three and a half years...

3)  Oct 2010 - Boys and Girls 5k, time: 38:54.  I am happy with that time seeing as I haven't played soccer in three years and haven't been working out hardcore to prepare for the race.  Here's some pictures...

Crack of Dawn, Sun Oct 24th - Before the race (time stamp is wrong)

Don't I look tired??  Oh man I was but also jazzed up/nervous for the run!  I actually received the leggings as a 'favorite gift' from my friend Jodi the evening before (the pretty one in blue in the attached post on Joy's blog; Jodi is a hardcore runner so I thought it was perfect)  :)  Jay came with me to the race and would sneak up at one of the hills or corners when I least expected him - a pleasant surprise pushing me to give it my all as to not dissapoint him or myself.  This course was full of HILLS as it wound thru downtown Warrenton. 

I made it though...near the back end and I definitely walked a chunk of it, but I finished it while running still!  I got done and cried.  I always do after a road race - the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, knowing my two legs took me the whole way, I didn't give up, the relief of it being over - all those emotions run through me and I always cry! :) I'm silly that way...

I ate an orange and a banana, had some water and stayed until the last runner came thru for the 10k (basically you run the course twice) cheering them on.  I didn't place or receive a medal, but I got this snazzy t-shirt. 

My next race is a 5k race tomorrow in Marshall at the Coleman Elementary School.  I'll be huffing it alone since Home Depot is coming out again but I know The Husband is there in spirit cheering me on!  Will let you know how it goes... 

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  1. Well, I hope you ran some for me!! Completing races like those are definitely an accomplishment to be proud of!