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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Got Time?

Busy...that is such a 'cop-out' word at times - used when you can't collectively list out what you've been up to - yet usually is a true statement.  Maybe you've been so busy, you can't remember all the little things you've done or it'd take too long to recount it all.

I can fully confirm that we have been BUSY here on Cooks Court.  Ever since the day after Thanksgiving, surprisingly.  Where to begin (I feel I always start posts this way lately)...

After I painted the lovely blue sponged wall a classy white in the kitchen - still looks nice, yet more changes have happened there too.  I'll get to that later.  Anyways, I had a nice long five-day mini-vacation.

Turkey Day was fabulous!  It's by far my MOST FAVORITE holiday - good food, great people, good food, lots of laughs.  It's better than Christmas; I don't need any presents, just time with the fam.  Growing up, Thanksgiving has always been with my Mom's side of the family, so Hunter and I went to the Madre's house to enjoy the day.  Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Brother, Mom, Gran and a couple dogs - it was a full house!  We had delicious dinner and dessert.  Hunter had a playmate in Otis (Jackie and Greg's dog), along with Abby and Sophie (not the best play partners, but good girls).  We stayed late and headed home that evening with Hunter fast asleep before we hit the interstate.

Thanksgiving Hockey is a tradition - Go Uncle Marty!

What a handsome boy!

Happy Thanksgiving

The basement project is still coming along.  Just to recap, we have taken down the drywall, paneling, studs, drop ceiling, cork closet, dividing wall and doorway.  Wow, at times I still can't believe it used to be a liveable space because now it's not even close :)  We have big plans for this basement...slowly but surely it will be put back together!  Over the Turkey Day weekend, Jay and I rented a tile stripper from Theros - yep, not a tile scraper, but a tile stripper (the Husband enjoyed that one).  We picked it up Saturday afternoon and had it until Monday morning for $75 total.  It was a walk behind machine with a blade on the front and an internal mechanism constantly vibrating it against the floor.  Initially the rental place put the blade in backwards, so we thought this process was going to take forever but played with it and we were in business.  The Husband did most of the scraping - major workout for your legs and arms.  It took us half days on Saturday and Sunday - needing a break.  Eventually we hit a routine - he'd scrape and I'd sweep the remnants out of the way.  We filled up about five or six big black leaf trash bags!  So now the floor is a bit tacky but void of that ugly laminate tile.  I never thought I'd see the day...

Tile Stripper :)

Lots more to share - office is painted and complete (our first room), kitchen and dining room layout has changed, there is Christmas inside and outside our lovely home - details and pictures to come but am exhausted...time for bed with my electric blanket - thank you Husband :)


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