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Monday, December 20, 2010


I walked thru the dining room and kitchen this morning on my way to work (my typical route thru the house) and fell in love with both rooms all over again! 

As the Husband and I were saying last night, the brown in the dining room puts the emphasis on the fireplace - where it should be! - now being the focal point of the room. 

I must admit wasn't too hot for the blue color we chose originally for the kitchen, but it looks fabulous.  I also have a weakness for kitchens...  I'm not a big cook (probably because it can become so messy or disorganized in there) but I need a clean and orderly kitchen.  In college, I would constantly pull everything out of the community fridge (six people sharing) and reorganize it - it would drive me crazy.  I've done this a few times in my own fridge, especially on grocery shopping day.  Anyways, enough about the Kitchen OCD...

Point is, the house is coming together and that thrills me to no end!

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