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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A goodbye to 2010

It's halfway through the month of January and I still can't believe 2010 is over!  A few days before the new year, I sent the following email to the Husband...

I’ve been reflecting lately on this past year… We have accomplished A LOT! 
 ·        Tore down wallpaper and painted the foyer during blizzard
·         Tore down wallpaper in yellow room and partially in hall bath
·         Updated wood stove to flow into main duct work
·         Destroyed front yard!  Removing pebble garden, sidewalk, retaining wall, flower bed
·         Laid so much dirt it’s ridiculous in that open space
·         Took down master bath door
·         Built workbench in garage and basement
·         Flower beds – weeding, moving bulbs and mulching
·         Seeded and fenced in front yard
·         Tore up carpet in living room and office (Happy Anniversary!)
·         Tore down basement drywall, studs, drop ceiling, dividing wall, cork closet walls
·         Painted office
·         Scraped laminate flooring in basement - here
·         Laid boards in attic
·    New Living Room window (plus a major headache) - read about that here with more to come
·         Moved kitchen cabinets, re-hung cabinets and range hood
·         Painted kitchen and dining room - here, here and here
·         New curtains - living room, office and dining room

WOW!  In the two years we have been in this house, this past year was crazy busy with projects.  It's amazing to look at pictures of the walk-thru vs. present day to see the changes.  Granted, most are cosmetic, but I feel they are the best since it makes this house our home.  I think we are almost there (even though the list on our fridge is double-sided!) – hopefully only tackling a few more large projects (outside of full demo), will get us through 2011.  Here's the top of my list...

·         Grind and stain concrete flooring in basement
·         Hardwood floors in living room and office
·         New roof and gutters
·         Seal basement concrete block
·         Yellow room with closet
·         Hall bath
·    Fenced in yard
·         Transplant flower bulbs
·         More mulch!!

Okay, so enough with the lists which I love!  Reflecting on this past year obviously makes me think of this coming year too and all the changes that will come with it…  It excites me to find out how the year will pan out – What will we get done at the house?  What will come of our jobs?  Where will we go on vacation?  New car?  New little person?  New animal?  All of it is unknown, which admittedly scares me a bit lot, but also reminds me that there is so much to look forward to! 


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  1. Fun, Sue! Lists are amazing-- especially to see how much you have accomplished! Yay for 2011!