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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas and New Years Eve 2010

I have been neglecting the world wide web lately with the holidays keeping this house going and doing some much needed relaxing. 

We had a great holiday with Jay's family in town.  The schedule for the most part followed my thoughts here.  It made for a long day but was fabulous to see almost all of both our families in one day!  We were showered with  presents - picture frames, socks (always), beautiful pearl necklace, manicure set, Boston pjs and ornaments (nice!), HD and Lowes gift cards and mula (always appreciated and needed!).  Jay and I agreed this year to not do presents since we didn't need anything and the money could be better spent on the house projects needed.  My husband is a sneaky and fabulous man!  Sidenote: we usually exchange gifts on Christmas Eve.  Once I was all snuggled in bed preparing to awake in a few hours, he comes in and asks if I want my 'holiday gift now or in the morning?'  I smile yet remind him we agree to not buy presents this year, to which his planned response was 'it's not a present, it's a holiday gift'.  I love surprises and he knows it :)  The Husband bought me yet another item to help me relax (his new goal in life hahaha!) -- a bath spa that suctions to the side of your tub and creates a current/bubbles to jazz up a still tub o' water, a bath pillow to rest my pretty head and a drain suction cover to gain an extra 4-5 inches of water in the tub.  I used it once the in-laws left and it's amazing...I love it and him for thinking of me!  He always does...

The day after Christmas we went to visit Heidi.  It was a nice ride to relax and get out of the house with the doggie doo.  We decided that next year we will start a tradition of bringing her a wreath and decorating after Turkey Day thru Christmas for some festiveness...

New Years Eve was nice... I had the day off work yet Jay had to punch the clock, so we rode in together and I dropped him off to go meet up with Daddio to see Tron (not Thor) in Manassas.  It was a good movie - neither of us had seen the original from the 80s but they did good creating a back story.  I enjoyed it more than I thought honestly, where Dad thought it was 'okay'.  After some movie and popcorn time, I hung at Kathy and Dennis' with the girls - we painted our nails and watched some music videos (hilarious!).  I scooped Jay once the girls went to bed and we headed back to K&D house.  It's my turn to enjoy some adult beverages (we take turns each year), plus we had veggies, chips/salsa and bruchetta - quite yummy.  On the way home we listened to the top 500 songs and I thought I was Mick Jagger or something jamming out, surprisingly knowing all the words to multiple songs - surprised the Husband. 

It was a great end to the year...time to look forward into 2011.  Another post to come later this evening if I can swing it. 

I'll leave you with some pics of some very happy girls on Christmas morning, among other festive items...

Thank you my love!

Gold ornament tree in dining room

Dress up shoes!

Star Wars book

Reading Santa's letter and his reply too! 

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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