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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 1/2 hours!

I made it home safe and sound...FINALLY!!  It took five and a half hours to get home today/tonight from work.  I know there are others still on the road, I hope they are safe.

It was pretty slow moving from the beginning and I don't think I went faster than 25 mph the entire drive.  And I might have had to pee on the road, so am glad I had a large cup with me - 'nuff said!  The snow is coming down so quickly, the roads don't look like they have even been plowed...none of them!  We easily have 6-7 inches here at the house with a few fallen tree limbs and one lucky Betty the Nova :)  Unfortunately the Husband is going to hole up at work tonight - love him and would love to wake up beside him, but there is no way his Honda will make it home.  Thought I'd share some pics... Be safe everyone! 

As I type this, the electricity has faltered three times, but hasn't gone out yet....need to go find some candles! 

And as I told the Husband today, it wouldn't be my birthday without snow :)

Pine Trees in backyard

Heard a limb break back in the woods...

Shade Tree in backyard

Happy dog :)

Japanese Maple

Crepe Myrtle

Tall Bush - well it was...

Front yard tree...honestly, not sure what type it is...


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  1. beautiful pics of your trees Sue...are you still at the jeweler's? :)