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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Photshop.  All the professional photographers have it (or so I think.)  Anyone who is anyone in the photography world deals with photoshop (again, or so I think.)  Well, baby, I got it!  WAHOO!

It is my birthday present from the Husband...  I've talked about wanting it, so I can jazz up some pictures like the best of 'em - bloggers that is.  Now for the reality of it, I don't know a damn thing about it.  Never used it, no idea how it works or what all the little gadgets are.  Not a one.  But I will learn and it will be glorious!  Joy and I are going to conquer Photoshop like we are back in college again.  Well maybe not the same way since now we have responsibilities, unlike in college. :)

So, here goes Test #1 (haven't even read the booklet or tutorials, am just winging it)...

From the 30th... figure I can have some fun with this action shot!
Just opening the picture in PSE, it wants you to put a name to a face and will recognize/organize by person if you want - very cool!

Accented Edges
Just trying to save this picture to upload it, I need to learn about 'version sets'.  I want to create a flame coming off the candles and maybe get rid of the picture in the background, so that isn't a focus.  I tried to create the flame but kept getting some error message because I need to do something else first, but I have no idea how to do any of it...

Tutorials here I come...there is ALOT to learn! 


  1. Look at you--schoolin' me already Susan!

  2. I love Photoshop!!! Check out Worth1000.com, there are a ton of cool tutorials there. Some are things you'd never actually have a practical application for (like making a chocolate frog) but some of them are really neat. I use PS to make coloring pages for our church and my kids using photos and artwork as the base (catholiccoloringpages.org).

    ~ Amanda (nee Osius)