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Monday, February 14, 2011

Umm...it's a door

I can cross something off my list :) 

We added a new counter top to the kitchen recently and stuck to our original plan, creating an eat-in nook.  In the making, we had a true workshop in the basement - cutting, sanding and spray painting!

The Husband screwed a 2x4 into the wall to brace the top.  He measured and cut down the door to length, including a notch for the window (fabulous!)  He nailed 2x4s together to make a leg support.  I sanded it down, trying to hide the notches and make the rough surface, not so rough for tiny hands and arms.  We screwed it all together and it was perfect!  (We aren't going to talk about my stubborn miss-hap and how I caused a good chunk of extra work for the Husband.)  We spray painted the top 'Heirloom White' yet ran out of the first can, so had to go to HD to buy more.  Unfortunately you can still see where we ran out after the second can and coat, so eventually I'll roll paint it.  We spray painted the leg a soft green, which isn't as noticeable in needing another coat. 

We've started 'using' it - actually eating lunch there by the window this weekend :)  It was wonderful and will be highly used during the summer months I'm sure!  We need to get chairs that are a slight bit higher than what is there now, the original thought of stools would be too tall for the counter height.  The Husband is going to build a shelf in the opening between the longer cabinets to put my cookbooks, which will add some dimension with color, plus I love books - not picky on what kind.  They are all learning and teaching tools in my mind, so the more the better.

Best part about this counter top.... UMM, IT'S A DOOR!  And it was free - Hahaha!  Yep, it's a leftover closet door from the basement.  We put the door knob hole against the wall, so any appliances that find a home there can still be plugged into the outlet below.  I love it!

Check out the evolution of this wall, here.

As seen from the dining room
As seen from the office

In the morning light...


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