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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Big 3-0 Birthday Week

The birthday week has been a mixture of fabulous and horrible all at the same time. Saturday technically isn't included in this week, but that's where we will start...

While shopping in HD for interior doors, I received some sad news from a dear friend.  She is doing well and is strong; I need to send her a card.  That evening I had a fabulous time hanging with Heather and Jacqui to celebrate Heather peacing out (so sad, but more on that later).  The evening started off with sushi from Wegmans (love it! Only the cooked stuff though) - YUM!  Jacqui found a great wine bar - Church Street Cellars - in Vienna and her ex was a gem to be our DD.  It's fabulous and I have to remember to take Kathy for her birthday -- she would enjoy it a lot!  From there, we caught a ride with a gem of an ex to the Fairfax Town Center to a restaurant/bar called Ozzie's.  Great atmosphere where we proceeded to enjoy more drink - Peach Bellini is where it's at! - and meet drunk Jacqui...she was great!  We called a cab to head home, but they took too long so called Heather's (little) bro to scoop us up and as we are waiting for the bro, up pulls the cabbie so we start walking...horrible drunk us!  We hit the pjs, Jacqui falls asleep, Heather and I bust into the late night munchies of chips and salsa, proceeding to have a way-too-long discussion on making salsa from scratch :)  We snuggled into Jacqui's bed close to 4am and were done.  The next morning, we chatted about the evening's events and how I'm a bed hog (the Husband got his best night's sleep EVER while I was gone).

I got home to the Husband's surprise...  He hung the bedroom interior door...  It was on the frame, but there was a two inch gap at the top and flush on the bottom!  We did some examining and determined that the current fugly doors are pre-hung lovelies.  We had to hammer and chisel new hinge groves in the frame and the door itself to make the gap be on the bottom and keep the door knob aligned.  My hungover head did NOT enjoy this one bit!!  After the banging in the house was done (still in my head though!), the door still does not fit the frame, so we tried once more.  Unfortunately it still won't shut, meaning our house is not level or square!  You can see the frame is completely not squared to the floor when you try and shut the door.  It is hung, but won't shut which is fine for our bedroom now (but will need to remedied before guests or little ones come along).  Our next option is to shave down our new door or call in for back-ups and buy more expensive pre-hung doors! 
Fugly pre-hung doors

No more doors

Gap at top of our door...ignore the non-painted walls

The day ended with much needed grocery shopping in town.  Neither of us wanted to go with the sour mood the door had put us in, but the pantry and fridge was desolate.  The trip was fairly uneventful with a quick list (not in order but we survived that well) and aimless walking with the headache still around.  There was a bad moment when the Husband exclaimed his needing to eat more carbs since his weight was XYZ and I proceeded to cry.  Right there in the cracker aisle, tears started to flow.  This craziness was brought on by the hangover probably but also the fact I weigh more than the Husband.  UGH!  Special K is my new go to - cereal, breakfast bars, snacks and meal bars.  We shall see how this works people...

Monday I woke up late - blah! - and was cruising on 66.  The road opened up and I was able to gain speed finally yet quickly realized that I was needing to keep my steering wheel sideways to go straight!!  Thinking to myself I need to check my tire pressure/air when I get to work, I got over in the slow lane (not my typical move) and there went the tire!  Totally done...it luckily wasn't a huge blow out like I always imagined the situation being.  I pulled on the shoulder and called the Husband....hit the flashers, called the boss lady and the Husband again for the important numbers to come help me.  Up pulled a state trooper and he called in roadside assistance for me...they came about twenty minutes later and was able to change my tire, with a bit hesitation as neither of us could figure out how to get the spare out from under the truck.  Once I had the spare on, I hit Starbucks (sorry Husband but my toes were in pain!) and met a lovely lady who questioned the dog hair on the back of my black coat (hahaha!)...finally at work I was exhausted already!  Not a good start to the work week.

Today has become better with snuggling in bed with the Husband this morning.  We took my truck to get inspected (due by end of January) with our fingers crossed the spare would pass inspection.  YAY!  Yes, it did but I did need more running lights but that was easy peasy compared to a failed inspection.  She's good until 2012 :)

I'm cooking up some hamburger now and listening to our wedding playlist on Sonos...it's bringing me back to our fabulous day!  Makes me think I need to do something FABULOUS for the big 30 people!!  An innocent night out dancing...let loose and groove it on the dance floor is sounding fun to me.  Maybe it's because I've been dancing around the kitchen while cooking.

This week will get better...even though it ends with saying goodbye to my twenties...


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  1. Susan--so glad you got out last weekend, that sounds like a lot of fun! Also, doors=devil says Kevin. Hope to see you soon :)