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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Jay bought P90X a few years ago and introduced me to it when we started dating.  I dabbled in one or two workouts and was destroyed on a regular basis.  That shite is tough, but it definitely does the job!!  Tony Horton pushes you through...  In addition to the workouts, there is a nutrition guide with multiple phases that change dependent on your level of commitment.  It has monthly menus laid out for the meal planners or a mere list of options to choose from - protein, grains, etc. 

In appreciation of our healthy lifestyle change, we went grocery shopping today and consulted the P90X food options.  We used the meal planner section for Phase I.  We had to look up a few replacement choices for cottage cheese (neither of us like, so a glass of milk with sub in) and mushrooms (essentially any veggie will suffice).  This grocery trip was expensive (healthier foods always seem to be) but our trade off is that we'll feel better.  We bought alot of meats - fish (only wild caught fish), scallops, ground turkey and turkey burgers, beef chuck cubes, and chicken breasts.  You best like veggies on this meal plan because you will eat A LOT of them!  Our shopping cart was half full with veggies of all kinds - to be used for breakfast, lunch and dinners. 

My first concern was how am I going to eat well and make meals - breakfast and lunch - while at work??  Instead of veggie omlets, we decided to hard boil a dozen eggs and each evening we can roast up those veggies and I can grab a few hard boiled eggs with veggies to cut up and eat at work.  With our opposite work schedules, we are breaking up the food making as follows:  Jay will make the dinners before he goes to work, taking half for himself and leaving the other half for when I get home.  Once I'm home, I will heat up the Jay made dinner and make our lunches for the next day, packaging each separately. 

We have scallops and fish for dinner tonight with rice and asparagus...sounds delicious!!

Oh and a new development in my taste buds, I like yogurt :)  I have never liked the tang at the end of a yogurt scoopful, but it's so good for you that I need to start to like it.  I bought four Yoplait yogurts - strawberry whipped, light chocolate mouse, thick and creamy strawberry banana and original berry.  I must admit the strawberry whipped was my snack today and quite delicious! 

The times they are a changin'...

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