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I am a daughter, sister, wife, mom to three cats and one dog (each with their own personalities), working woman, renovator, landlord and friend. I love to laugh, read a good book, enjoy spending time with family and friends and hanging with the Zoo! This blog is keep track of the comings and going our house and this great adventure called life. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I feel I lose ALOT of time everyday...figuratively and truly.  I have so much I want to put up here and say...so many things I want to document and remember in just the right way...not rushing it but truly reliving the moment each time I read it.

I create a lot of these posts in my head...while I'm driving, while I'm 'doing', while I'm thinking... I come up with ideas and 'write' the post in my head, rethinking the beginning and how I want to intro something.  Redoing the sentences until they are just right, portraying the perfect image.  I think about the pictures I'd post...who'd read it...  Needless to say, most of this happens while I'm in the truck on my way home in the dead quiet (outside of my grumblings at the traffic)...it's perfect and then I come home and forget the perfect way to say it.  It;s deflating to say the least...  I feel there's never enough time to truly write (type) it down for myself and others to read down the road. 

I have a bunch in my head, so instead of waiting and stock piling them so there's something to post always (what a good blogger would do)...there will probably be a good flow in the next week - mostly things that have already happened, which makes me sad I wasn't able to post them in a more timely manner, but that's the story of my life it seems...never enough time...


  1. I hear that!! Sometimes I will put up 4 or 5 blog posts at a time because that's the only time I have to get out all those thoughts! I'm enjoying all 20 feet, yea Sue!

  2. I know what you mean. I was doing that yesterday on my way home. I was thinking about my computer situation and instead of waiting until today to post it...I just had to post it yesterday. I say post as many as you want. I know I will read them all!