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Thursday, October 14, 2010

PC vs. Mac

We got ourselves a second round of tax money (WAHOO!).  All of the first round, plus most of the second round went towards the dreaded credit cards, which is a nice relief.  We only paid a piece of the large one (new house buying mecessities accessories and wedding make up that whopper of a card), but were able to fully pay off the remainders (belonging to The Husband).  Enough about mula - boring!  Which leads me to my point...

The Husband decided since I wasn't able to enjoy any of the money (ie: pay off my credit card), we should use the last small bit to buy me a computer.  My very own.  He vows not to add music or movies or random applications to it.  I can solely dedicate it to the blog, my pictures and the internet.  Can I tell you that I've been lusting over a Macbook or iPad for a while now and I'm completely a Dell girl at heart, but there's something about those beauties that make me smile. 

So, my dilemma is that since I know pretty close to nothing about an Apple anything...who wants to share some info with me?  Their website is of course 'buy this, buy that, love us not a pc' but I tend to not read that stuff since I'm easily swayed over something I want so bad :)  Bring it on world...what can you tell me? 

PS.  I'm going to go to the Apple store on Monday during my lunch break, so you have until then...


  1. Wait it out girl! Black Friday will come with a whole buch of new, better (cheaper) tech toys! Google based!

  2. I can only assume that since you sent me the invitation to your blog on the same day you posted this you yearned for a good dose of Momma Reason so here she comes...

    Sure Macs are great but since you are not a graphic designer or artist by profession and only want one to manage a fun blog and fiddle with a few photos a regular ol' Dell scratch and denter will do you just fine. Plus you could use the other half of your money (because a Mac would cost you TWICE perhaps even 3X what a scratch and denter would) for some fun craft supplies, a pedicure, or a fun new outfit.

    Just in case that dose of frugality wasn't enough... you could always put the other half towards you credit card balance to save yourself the 10-25% interest you would be paying on that amount if it remained on your credit card. :)

    Happy shopping.