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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our House

The below is from Feb 2009, an excerpt from a Shutterfly album after we bought the house...  I can hear my excitement as I read these words over a year later. 

Jay and I bought a house - WAHOO!! Signed and closed the deal on my birthday (which I really wouldn't recommend to many due to the stress and craziness)! It's a beautiful brick rancher that has amazing potential and wonderful bones sitting on an acre and a half of land - yep, all ours! Hunter is in heaven and the cats have warmed up to the echo sounds from the hardwood floors. It's a slow work in progress with our main focus on renting the Reston Condo, but it feels like home...even if we do pinch ourselves to make sure it's real!  We have a guest room now so the door is always open...just give a call and come on over!

We were determined to sleep in OUR house the first night we owned it, so we packed up as much as we could in our cars, along with the animals - they have been here since Day 1!  We had no furniture, just some cats toys, my beloved orange chair that has followed me everywhere and blankets galore.  We made a pallet of blankets and created a great memory seeing the cats get low with every echo and Hunter sniff the dickens out of every inch.  We woke up the next morning smiling and with a visitor already...

Yep, we've come to discover we have our very own wildlife sanctuary in our backyard!  Mr. Fox hung around for a while that morning and came back for a few days afterwards, but eventually stopped showing his face when Hunter became King of the Yard.  Since Mr. Fox found solace in the brush, we have daily visit from deer - lately two does and with their fawns - who love to nibble on the fruit trees.  Hunter will just sit and watch them or when he's feeling frisky will try to sneak up and then runs around with all his might thinking he can catch them.

And even the smaller kind of animal that catches a ride from a cat or two...bleh!  It's never a dull moment around here.
And just so I don't leave you with an unpleasant last image, here's a beauty for you...and I can never show just one :)

This house definitely has it's moments where you are in awe of the surroundings and definitely pinch yourself at times to make sure it's yours!  It's perfect.

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