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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All in the details...

Details...shmeatails...  I have a friend who is amazing at the details!  She can pull a room or party together and make it look effortless.  All the while, I'm matchy matchy all the way home.

I'm good with spreadsheet details...with finding an error amongst tens of thousands of lines of data...in making a process run more smoothly or efficiently.  I'm good with the black and white of it.

When it comes to decorating details, I'm a 'less is more' type of gal.  A simple is beautiful girl.  But there's no black and white about it...give me color!

I came to this thought process and keep touching on it because of the wall colors, flooring choices, crown and base molding choices (which are insanely expensive by the way!), furniture updates and fixtures changes that come with our evolving home.  I am easily overwhelmed by having to choose just one.  I think that comes mostly from being a visual, tangible (hahaha Megs) person that has a very hard time picturing it in her head!  My poor husband...so patient with me...

Some quick pics found online that I love...

The arch doorways are fabulous...find I like the more square look versus the rounded.

Love the bead board in this bathroom!

Bead board again...and open cabinet doors - forces tidiness


For those of you making these types of decisions on a daily basis - fabulous - please come help me...

PS - These are NOT of my house :) I wish!

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