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Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting fresh...

I had a salad for lunch today!  Yahoo, so happy about that...and my work pants that I haven't been able to wear in the last six months are too.  Just have to stick with it now...

Jay and I are starting our second year of marriage (our anniversary was yesterday, Sept 12th - more on that later) in a healthier mode of thinking!  We are focusing more on what we eat on a daily basis.  We aren't the most disciplined people, so this will be hard...I should correct that - I am not the most disciplined person but I don't believe in denying myself because I'll eventually breakdown and devour more than if I took a small sampling. 

Here are a few 'changes' trying to be made...(some more me than him)
  • Eat more eggs = protein, protein, protein!
  • Purchase one item from the Organic aisle at the grocery store each trip with the hope that eventually more items items on our list will be found there
  • Don't over indulge (see above comment)
  • Eat more salad
  • Eat more fruit - bananas are good 'wake-me-up' items and a handful of grapes are a great snack
  • Walk Hunter the Dog every evening (at the very least three times a week)
  • Exercise outside of Hunter's daily walk = a slow progression from sit-ups while watching tv (when I do watch it) to P90X weekly to daily
Here we go...hopefully this blog can help keep me honest.  My work pants definitely will! 

Happy Healthy Monday everyone!

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