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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have a love/hate relationship...

...with the rain!

We spent all our time, money and energy to fix the front yard last summer...  What happens with the first big storm that hits?  Water in the basement!  FLIPPING WATER!

There's nothing to damage down there now, thanks to our time and effort spent this past fall.  It's not a ton of water, but enough that it's standing water on the concrete floor.  It's enough that I'm going to go use multiple towels to clean it up and then more still to shove in the corner where it's slowly seeping in.  It's enough that I'll check it again before I go to bed to see if more water has tried to join our indoor swimming pool.

I dreaded possible water in the basement while driving home in the hard rain and lightening.  With the rain steady all day and the flood warnings we received, I hoped the basement would be dry when I opened the door.  No such luck.

I have neglected the blog big time, so there's much to write but I'm going to first let Hunter outside to potty, make a grilled cheese sandwich (sorry gym efforts) and then mop up the basement with towels...  Then I'll come back here and start typing what's been happening in our world.

UPDATE (w/ pictures):

This is the second time I am typing this because my computer timed out trying to draw you a explanatory picture of the multiple places where water is slowly seeping in, so you get the less wordy version...

View from top of the stairs of standing water...it goes fully under the stairs too.
Seeping in from the corner, which is below where the driveway, garage and new grass meet -- hello puddle!

Over by the laundry sink at the other end of the basement...pretty sure water is coming from the back corner and follows the crack in the concrete...
...to this spot, unless it's coming from along the wall somewhere...

...and then finally this spot where the insulation has soaked up majority of puddle; think it's coming from the far back corner at top of the picture and following wall then crack to puddle up.

My head hurts...am going to bed.

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